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January 3, 2013
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21 (who?)
AxO: Richard Bennet by NinjaKitty27 AxO: Richard Bennet by NinjaKitty27

For :iconalpha-x-omega:

- Name: Richard James Bennet

- Age: 21

- Gender: Male

- Sexual Orientation: Bi

- Relationship Status: Complicated 

- Year: Senior

- Group: Alpha

- Major: Business and Computer Engineering

- Roommate: 
 Iven Chevalier 

- Personal Quote: "Brat."

- Personality:
To the public eye he is regarded in many ways. 'The mature and responsible adult', ' The hardworking student', 'A sweet and charming young man'. However they could not hit further from home. Unless you're someone worth talking to (By his standards or someone of benefit) he can seem cynical and condescending. He's also very calculating, knowledgeable, and scheming, although not a bad person.

To those who are able to get past this, one can see that Richard get's flustered easily. He puts others before his own and has a hard time to express his feelings to others. Which often lead to unnecessary lash outs or awkward situations. He is fairly tempered, however the topic of his family is a very private matter. He is willing to tell almost tell off anyone to stay out and mind their own business. He likes to keep his private life private. Although two-faced, he honestly thinks there's nothing wrong. He's driven enough to work hard to achieve what he wants, but is often too stubborn to admit his mistakes or admit when he's bitten off more then he can chew.

- History:
At a very young age, his parents divorced. He was juggled back and fourth between his mother and father until he was old enough to decide he wanted to stay with his father more permanently. He was raised by his father mostly and his mother eventually remarried. As years went by, it was harder for them to get by. Richard was even lucky enough to receive and invitation to his dream School, Nosh University but was unable to really go due to financial issues. However an opportunity presented itself.

His mother and his new step father gave him a proposition. They would sponsor him to go to school through a private scholarship of his step-fathers company and would cover all his expenses and later provide him with a job at his company when he graduated and finished school. However there was a catch... not only must he continue to excel, but eventually he would have to break ties with his father. A condition that was absolute due to his resenting mother. He took the opportunity (Not wanting to cause further problems for his father) and continues to work hard under his mothers conditions... however he is also trying to find a way to assure a future he wants along with continuing to involve his father right under her nose. But how long can he keep this up without her finding out? Times running out.

- Likes:
:bulletwhite: Comic Books and Manga (Like hell he would admit to it! )
:bulletwhite: Sweets
:bulletwhite: Spicy food
:bulletwhite: Naps
:bulletwhite: His father
:bulletwhite: fast food
:bulletwhite: doodling
:bulletwhite: computers
:bulletwhite: robots
:bulletwhite: geeky things
:bulletwhite: video games (When he has the time to play)
:bulletwhite: Being called Senpai *shot*

- Dislikes:
:bulletred: His mother
:bulletred: His step father
:bulletred: Sports (He sucks at them)
:bulletred: Large events/Parties
:bulletred: Clubs/Bars

- Additional Info:
:bulletblue: Is a Stress eater.
:bulletblue: used to play Piano (He kinda misses it)
:bulletblue: Love's to make lists of things
:bulletblue: Is a light weight (Which is why he prefers to avoid drinking when he can)
:bulletblue: "Brat." is actually a term of endearment from him.
:bulletblue: Hate's to see crooked/ poorly tied ties.
:bulletblue: Likes food... but can't actually cook it.

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Inx9119 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
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NinjaKitty27 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013

Delicious as apple pieeee <3
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